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RHU-222&223A   SHINYEI RHU series humidity sensor modules

It consists of HPR-MQ sensor with integrated circuit, designed for home appliances application. These modules provide a liner DCV output for 0-100%RH to enable easy operation at user application.


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SHINYEI “THT-EEseries with CE approval applicable level, and relatively small and light weight. An extended sensor cable enables wide and variety of measurement applications

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RHU-T670   Temperature & Humidity detection unit (Humiser)

The RHU-T670 temperature & humidity unit contains units for detecting the relative humidity and temperature within one compact case.  By simply connecting the unit to a direct current the relative humidity and temperature are converted to a voltage output signal.  In particular, the humister's damp-proof construction means that it can be used in locations where measurements could not be taken previously.

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RHU-330   P.C.B with Humidity module

With our high polymer accurate humidity sensor, we can design any types of humidity transmitter along with client's specificaitions and drawings which will enable them to plan new humidity related instruments and products for both domestic and industrial fields. 

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