AFC Bearings is a brand-new type of virtual sales unit concentrating on marketing high quality SMT brand Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.

Our mission is to contribute to the growth of North America Industries, where corrosion resistant bearings are key to further development.

We supply high quality SMT Stainless Steel Ball Bearings at reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

In North America, we are the only one stocking warehouse always having inventory for full range of stainless steel ball bearings with one single brand name of
SMT in order to meet our customers' urgent needs and to provide them with consistent high-quality performance. We do not require either any minimum order quantity or amount.

AFC Bearings carries the inventory for the following sizes, and provides easy-access website for you to place orders or ask engineering questions.

Description of Sizes

SS6000ZZ up to SS6008ZZ & SS6000-2RS up to SS6008-2RS
SS6200ZZ up to SS6208ZZ & SS6200-2RS up to SS6208-2RS

Other series, SS6300, SS6800 and SS6900, are also available from our back-up inventory in Japan within two weeks.

AFC Bearings has been formed in a joint effort between "Shinyei Corporation of America" and "Nankai Seiko Co., Ltd." "Shinyei Corporation of America" is located in New York, as an affiliated company of "Shinyei Kaisha", Kobe, Japan-based trading house established in 1887, and it has been an importer of ball bearings from Japan for 30 years. "Nankai Seiko Co., Ltd." , well known for its brand name of SMT, is Sakai, Osaka-based manufacturer producing SMT brand ball bearings, and it has the actual experience in supplying its stainless steel ball bearings to the U.S. market for more than 20 years.

We all at
AFC Bearings would be more than happy to assist you in supplying right bearings for your application.

AFC Bearings Adress
Steve Akamatsu, General Manager