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AES1-05N Aerosol Sensor Unit

Particulates of 0.5µm or larger can be monitored. The aerosol sensor unit can be used to keep optimum driving of filtering equipment related to a clean room depending on actual condition of cleanliness level.

  • Stable and sensitive detection of Particulates of 0.5µm or larger.
  • Unique air sampling method using "heater" to generate updraft, preventing choked flow. Suction pump is not necessary.
  • Long life laser. 20,000 h
  • Compact size and low cost.
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  • Specification
  • Applications
Model AES1-05N
Light Source Semiconductor Laser
Life (Light Source) 20,000 h
Detection Method Light Scattering
Air Sampling Method Using "Heater" to generate updraft. Approx 0.1 L/m.
Min. Detectable Size 0.5µm
Detection Range 0 °C ± 40 °C, 30%RH to 80%RH
Operating Condition 1 kHz Pulse Output
Output 300 mA
Input Voltage DC12V ±10%
Dimension 90 × 90 × 23mm
Weight Approx 120 g
  • Clean booth
  • Fan Filter Unit
  • Clean Unit etc Clean Room related filtration system

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