We offer the products that meet the market needs from material development to the trendy products.

We offer the products that meet the market needs from material development to the trendy products

We are building a high-levelsewing and processing systemsin China

We are strengthening manufacturing system for sewing and processing bases in China continuously to provide our customers all over the world with beautiful, sophisticated and functional clothing. We have spent long time to build up reliable relationship with China that is becoming more important as production base over the world.
Based on such relationship with China, we will try to maintain our competitiveness on quality, delivery and cost and then to provide value-added clothing that can be flexibly adapted to the changes of market.

We are building a high-level<br>sewing and processing systems in China

We develop wide variety ofhigh-performance fabrics forclothing and industrialapplications

In the clothing field, we focus on developing textile materials and they are used as fabrics of high-quality woman's wears, sport wears and suits.
Also as the industrial materials for interior, they are highly regarded. We will continue to develop high-performance fabrics.

Offering original brands

Offering original brands

We are selling our clothing with our original brand names at our own retail stores located in the Greater Tokyo area as well as our web store to meet the needs of women who are interested in expressing their personality through fashion.
Keeping up with fashion trends, we have made challenges and launched the brands that meet our customers' sensitivity.We will continue to focus on enhancing our brand line-up that cans satisfy people's various tastes, needs and lifestyles.




SHINYEI's apparel & textile business is run mainly through partnerships with many processing and garment manufacturing factories in China based on reliable relationships lasting for long times. Our product lines cover the whole range of clothing for men, women and children.
Particularly in casual clothing field, we have been doing competitive business. Our products created from our proposals based on market-in approach are considered favorite all over the world.



The Hokuriku region is known as the largest knitwear producing region in Japan.
We have maintained close connection with the region for over a half century and led the textile industry as "a locally based trading company".
In addition, having developed high-performance fabrics for high-quality women's clothing and the industrial materials, our product development strength is highly regarded.



Establishing integrated system from proposal and procurement to production and processing of raw yarns in China, we sell various kinds of socks and legwear to Japanese market.
With trustworthy relationship with China that we have built through silk business that was top-ranked in the domestic market, our advanced sewing and knitting skills, our total capabilities are highly regarded within the industry.


Bland Clothing

We have set up our own retail stores in the Greater Tokyo area to sell our clothing with our original brand names to offer variety of fashion mainly to young women.
We are also enhancing sale at our web store in order to provide the commodities to our customers throughout Japan.
We are sensitive to women's fashion needs and supply our products that highly suit individual lifestyles.


Shinyei Lifetex Co., Ltd.

Shinyei Lifetex Co., Ltd.

Sales of apparel, legwear, textile, knit fabrics and materials for industrial use
Retail of apparel and fashion accessories

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Shinyei (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Shinyei (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Export and domestic sales of apparel and legwear
Production and quality control for apparel and legwear
Domestic sales of foods
Handling of ball bearings, testing machinery, electronic equipment, electronic components and other commodities within China

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