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Frozen foods

frozen foods

Shinyei makes use of its strong links with production centers in China to procure and process vegetables and other agricultural products locally, and has developed a wide variety of frozen foods designed to suit Japanese palates. Shinyei offers over 200 different products as one of Japan’s top suppliers of commercial-use frozen foods.

Marine products

marine products

Shinyei has long been a pioneer of three-way trade, and procures fresh marine products from New Zealand, Russia, Scandinavian countries and so forth, then processes them in China for supply to the dinner tables of Japan. Shinyei has particularly advanced expertise where low-temperature transport for maintaining the freshness of marine products is concerned.

Agricultural products

agricultural products

Shinyei is among Japan's top traders in peanuts, and has diversified into nuts and other confectionary ingredients. Shinyei makes optimum use of its processing capabilities in China to create products that have earned the trust of many customers.

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