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bearings We provide all-purpose bearings, as well as high-performance specialty bearings designed to meet users' technical requirements for special sizes, shapes, and material composition, for use in vacuum, high-temperature, and other extreme environments.
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Metal Material & Precision Parts
Metal Material & Precision Parts We have numerous domestic and overseas cooperative affiliated factories to help us respond to customer requirements for particular metals, including iron, stainless steel, and brass, and for precision processing. We can create blueprints, and we welcome inquiries about processing of materials that are difficult to cut, such as inconel and hastelloy.
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Construction Machinery
construction machinery We export construction machinery and all types of production and processing plants, made by Japan’s top manufacturers, for the execution of such large-scale engineering projects as road works, dam construction and tunnel excavation.
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Glass Shinyei is involved in areas from material development to business development in a variety of fields for the construction and manufacturing industries. We are particularly strong in the field of glass, and have a history of over 20 years in pioneering the import of glass. Consequently, we maintain the highest industry ranking in sales. We deal in high-performance glass with energy-saving properties, such as multiple-layer and heat absorbing glass, as well as laminated glass.
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Building Metal Fittings
Building Metal Fittings We handle a large variety of metal items that are part of our everyday lives and which aid in securing a relaxing, safe, and comfortable living environment. They include balcony railings, rods for hanging clothes, air circulation hoods, and other metal fixtures that are necessary for the places in which we live, and also metal items such as directory boards and information boards, which are essential for community spaces. We also sell these and other items by catalog. Please inquire for information about BL certified products and products for creating a barrier-free environment.
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Brushes and Related Materials
Brushes and Related Materials We make product proposals for brushes using DuPont’s Tynex® and Tynex®A, as well as provide materials. We provide a wide range of high-quality brushes, from toothbrushes to industrial brushes, designed to meet client needs
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