R&D Center

By harnessing our R&D functions and capacity to develop products, we pursue development in different fields of business with a focus on themes related to medical care, comfort, health, safety and security.

Twenty-first century society is faced with a host of different issues that have an impact on the cultivation of healthy and comfortable living. We harness our advantages as a company with both R&D and manufacturing functions to engage in product and business development with a focus on themes related to medicine, comfort, health, safety and security. For example, we are currently promoting initiatives that contribute to the future of people and society through the development of products tied to air quality, the development of foodstuffs for elderly clients and research and development concerning clean energy.

A research and development facility focusing on future generations

In the spring of 2009, we established the R&D Center as a new R&D facility on Port Island Phase II, a central component of Kobe’s grand vision for the “Kobe Medical Industry Development Project” that continues to attract cutting-edge research institutions and medical-related companies.
With the aim of shaping a society in which people can live healthy, secure lives, this facility pursues research and development projects pertaining to all businesses of the SHINYEI Group in accordance with themes related to medicine, comfort, health, safety and security.