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Shinyei's wealth of experience spans three centuries.

Kobe Port in the Mid-Meiji Period 1887up to Top of this page
Shinyei is founded by several bankers in order to establish a new Commodity Exchange House for raw silk, then it grew to a major export item.
1887 May Shinyei established as a limited liability company.
1893 June Shinyei becomes a joint stock corporation, renamed Shinyei Kaisha.
A silk mill at the start of the Showa Period 1900-20up to Top of this page
As its business expands, Shinyei becomes a leader of the silk industry, working for its reorganization and improvement of quality.
1902 March The general manager of Yokohama Branch proclaimed a new theory of silkmaking, contributing significantly to the reorganization of the silk industry.
1915 April Trade division established and export of silk and sundries commences.
Products of the Silk Department 1921-40up to Top of this page
Shinyei further expands its manufacturing section, and continues to perform a leadership role as one of the majors of Japan's silk industry.
1925 June
Company name changed to "Shinyei Kiito Kaisha."
1928 May Shinyei enters silk thread manufacturing industry.
1929 June New York Branch established.
The Emperor Hirohito visits Shinyei's factory in 1949 1941-60up to Top of this page
Shinyei embarks on capacitor manufacture and apparel production, and commences trade with China.
1943 May Company name changed to "Shinyei Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd."
1943 September Capacitor production commences.
1947 March Company name reverts to "Shinyei Kiito Kaisha."
1948 September Tokyo Branch established.
1949 May Company listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.
1951 April Begins raw silk brokerage operations in Kobe and Yokohama.
1953 October Shinyei commences China trade as soon as Japan-China Trade Agreement signed.
1958 December Shinyei Corporation of America established in NewYork.
Capacitor production line 1961-80up to Top of this page
Shinyei is designated a "friendly trading company" by China in '61, develops and commercializes polypropylene film capacitor in '65, and polymer humidity sensor in '70.
1961 December China designates Shinyei a "Friendly Trading Company."
1965 April Polypropylene film capacitor developed.
1966 August Company name changed to "Shinyei Kaisha."
1967 April New head office building completed.
1970 January Osaka Branch established.
1970 November Developed metal oxide humidity sensor.
1977 December Developed high polymer humidity sensor which brought an extreme improvement to humidity measurement.
The Kobe Research & Development Center 1981-90up to Top of this page
New corporate identity to commemorate Shinyei's 100th birthday. This R&D facility is aimed at further developing Shinyei's strengths in electronics.
1983 March Silk manufacturing stopped. Expansion of the trading and electronics divisions.
1985 September Kyushu Shinyei Electronics Co., Ltd. established.
1987 May Company centennial.
1987 November SK Building Materials Co., Ltd. established.
1989 May Shinyei Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.
1989 June Chuo Kenkyusho (the present Kobe Research & Development Center) established.
Shinyei's Malaysia Plant 1991-2000up to Top of this page
Shinyei launches frozen foodstuffs business, and commences overseas capacitor production. Head office building is rebuilt after the former building was destroyed by the Kobe Earthquake.
1992 July Shinyei Kaisha Electronics (M) Sdn.Bhd. established in Malaysia.
1995 January Head office building destroyed in the Kobe Earthquake.
1995 June Company moves its head office to Higashi-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe.
1997 December Shinyei (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established in China.
1998 January Shinyei Electronics Corporation of America established in San Diego.
1998 March Head office building rebuilt on original site in Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe.
1998 July SK Electronics Co., Ltd. established.
1999 April SK Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. established.
Entrance to the new company building 2001-up to Top of this page
Shinyei aims for continued expansion as a distinctive business group devoted to enhancing the quality of everyday life.
2000 January Shinyei Capacitor Co., Ltd. established.
2000 December Shinkyowa Co., Ltd. joins SHINYEI group.
2001 February Yoshida Seiki Co., Ltd. joins SHINYEI group.
2002 April Building-materials business is unified to SK Building Materials Co., Ltd. and the company name changed to "Shinyei Materials Co., Ltd."
2002 November Voice of SK Co., Ltd. established.
2003 February Fujikura Shoji Co., Ltd. joins SHINYEI group.
2003 March "Shinyei Business Engineering Service Co., Ltd." established.
2007 April Electronics business is unified to Kyushu Shinyei Electronics Co., Ltd. and the company name changed to "Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd."
2008 July Service & solution business is unified to Shinyei Materials Co., Ltd. and the company name changed to "Shinyei Business Service Co., Ltd."
2009 March Shinyei Group Research & Development Center established.
2009 August MARUOKA Shoji Co., Ltd. and the subsidiary joins SHINYEI group.
2010 February "Shinyei Agri-Foods Co., Ltd." established.
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