For new value creation

In 1887, at the time when Japan just embarked on its headlong rush towards modernization, SHINYEI was established in Kobe, a city saturated with the sort of enterprising spirit as the port of economy and culture. Since then, the company has expanded its network to countries and regions around the globe. Then, SHINYEI has expanded its business from wholesales of raw silk that was primary industry when it was founded to various fields – apparel & textile, foodstuffs, general merchandise and electronics – supporting the lives of people.

Nowadays, information can be instantaneously shared over the world, and the sense of value to businesses, companies and objects is changing in dizzying pace. Based upon our vision that entails the creation of new value through creative manufacturing, we shall forge the future with our bountiful ideas and our active challenging spirits.

With our technological and information-based capabilities, we will coexist with our clients in mutual prosperity, enhance social recognition of our company, reward our shareholders, ensure that our employees feel a sense of pride and joy in their work and boost our collective group strengths as the company that contributes to the community and society by our solid foundation laid in various fields. We respectfully ask for your continued support and encouragement.

代表取締役社長 小野 耕司