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Toshiaki Morisaki (President)

For creation of new value

Shinyei was established in 1887 when Japan had just entered a period of dramatic modernization. Since then, from our headquarters in the thriving trading port of Kobe, we have extended our business network to countries throughout the world.
While it started out as a trading house for silk, at that time one of Japan's major exporting, Shinyei is now a fully-fledged group of companies involved in a wide range of activities in such industries as textiles and apparel, foodstuffs, housing materials and electronics, with plans for further expansion into health and environmental fields, in line with its mission to make new value through creation.
Strengthening the foundations we have laid as pioneers in diverse fields, we, Shinyei, will continue to strive for the benefit of both customers and shareholders, while at the same time endeavoring to contribute to the betterment of society. We look forward to receiving your continued advice and encouragement in the future.

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