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The smallest metallized polypropylene film capacitor for large-capacity
LEXA745 series



We succeeded in designing the smallest metallized polypropylene film capacitor for large-capacity with the thinnest metallized polypropylene film at present for electronic equipment applications.

The existing polypropylene film capacitors are superior in high dielectric strength, frequency characteristics, ripple resistance and long life but are not suitable for small-sized large capacity usage because of its shape, so it was difficult to cover the capacitance which is over 100 μF so far

Since then, we started to design the capacitor with the thinnest metallized polypropylene film (2.0μF) at present or even thinner film. Finally, we are succeeded in creating a new capacitor, which can be used for electronic device applications.

As a result, we succeeded in reducing the product size into about 1/3 in volume ratio and 1/2 in floor area ratio comparing to our existing products.

Also, comparing to the same capacitance range of 450VDC of electrolytic capacitor, our existing products are 400% larger than electrolytic capacitor in floor area before. The new products are around 200% (around 150% in dead space comparison) which is approaching to the size of electrolytic capacitor. The capacitance range of film capacitor has been greatly extended. Now, we are able to manufacture the products with the capacitance of maximum 470 μF.

The great progress we have made in designing the small-sized, large-capacity metallized polypropylene film capacitor which has excellent ripple resistance, long life, high withstand voltage and other electrical characteristics has made it possible to solve various issues of current circuits in the capacitance range from 100μ to 470μF that the electrolytic capacitors are mainly used.

In addition, the new series "LEXA 745 Series" which we have designed recently can also be customized for industrial equipment applications which long-life is particularly required and for the circuits which the product reliability is particularly required.



At present stage, we are succeeded in producing the small-sized capacitor of the capacitance from 10μF to 470μF with the thinnest metallized polypropylene film and flame retardant resin case UL94 V-0.

Capacitance range 10μ~470μF(106~477)
Rated voltage 450VDC(600VDC and 900VDC rated products are under development)
temperature range ‐40~+85℃(Can be up to 105℃ by voltage reduction)
Size (Length x Height x Thickness) 68μF=31×34×23.5,100μF=41×36×22.5,470μF=57×54.5×41 (mm)