RHI Series Small Humidity and Temperature Unit

RHI series which has the custom IC is calibrated one by one and provides highly accurate measurement and linear output by analog voltage or digital I2C in a wide range of relative humidity.

  • High Accuracy: ±3%rh (at 25 °C 50%rh)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.15 to 5.5V
  • Low Voltage dependency (include regulator in IC)
  • Linear Output Voltage: 0-3V(at 90%rh:3V)
  • Low Temperature Dependency
  • Analog or Digital output(I2C)
  • Wide Humidity Range
  • Low Power Consumption(1/4 of the conventional products )
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  • Specfication
  • Application
Model RHI Series
Supply Voltage 3.15 to 5.5VDC
Current Consumption 1mA or less
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 60°C
Operating Humidity Range 10 to 95%rh
Humidity Output Analog:0 to 3.3Vdc
Measurement Accuracy
±3%rh (at 25°C 50%rh)
Temperature Detection Analog: Thermistor
Digital: IC Sensor
  • Copying Machine, Printer
  • Air –conditioner, Humidifier, Dehumidifier
  • HVAC equipment

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