Precision humidity generator

The SHINYEI model SRG is precision humidity generator which is developed based on the divided flow principle, and supports an advanced research and development field required an extremely precise humidity control such as fuel cell evaluation test device, biotechnology, and so on. Please feel free to consult us at any time regarding the customizing.

  • Humidity atmosphere in a range of 0 to 100%rh can be generated.
  • It provides a very high accuracy of +/-1%rh
  • Highly devided flow type accurate generation method provided in JIS.
  • Meet fine needs such as the best setting of the supply flow according to the condition.
  • An arbitrary humidity setting in the atmosphere of the gas other than air is possible.
  • Equips the automatic water supply device. * 1MAS, 1RAS
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Humidity Generation Principle Devided flow type
Humidity Discharge Range 0 to 100%rh
Humidity Warranty Scope 10 to 90%rh
Humidity Reproducibility ± 1%rh
Humidity Accuracy ± 2%rh at 25°C
  • Evaluation test of fuel cell
  • Humidity controll of pharmaceuticals
  • Polymer research
  • Countermeasure against static electricity in semiconductor and precise part structure
  • Biotechnology research
  • As maker's in-house standard

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