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Chilled Mirror Optical Dew Point Hygrometer DewStar S-3 Series

The Dew Star S-3 Chilled Mirror System is a high performance Chilled Mirror Sensor with Peltier Thermoelectric mirror cooling to measure high frost points. It provides accurate and reliable dew point measurement over an extended range for long periods of time with the new ACCU-STAR mirror maintenance feature.


  • Accurate and reliable dew point measurement.

  • ACCU-STAR mirror maintenance feature.

  • Remote multifunction display monitor.

  • Simultaneously measure dew point, temperature, and pressure.



DewStar S-3

Operation range

0 to 50℃ (Sensor)
0 to 35℃ (Monitor)
95%rh or less (no dewfall)

Measurement range of dew point

0 to 95℃ (Ambient Temperature of Sensor 25°C)

Working Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure to 0.35MPaG

Sampling Flowing Quantity 0.5 to 2.5 L/min.
Repeatability ±0.05 ℃DP
Accuracy ±0.2℃ DP
Measurement Parameter Dew/Frost point (°C),Temperature(°C),Pressure(kPa)
Operation Value Relative Humidity(%rh), Absolute Humidity(g/m3), Moisture Regain(PPMv) (PPMw)
Analog Output 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5VDC
Alerm Output Photo MOS relay
Digital Output RS232C
Sensor to Monitor Special Cable (Length 3m)
Connection 1/4" Compression Fitting PT
Weight Approx 0.5kg(Monitor)
Approx 2.9kg
Power Supply AC90 to 240V (50/60Hz)
Consumed Power Approx 100W
Dimension(monitor unit)


Temperature sensor S-1S-001

Sensor Pt100Ω 4-wire type
Measurement range -50 to 100℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃ (0℃)
Dimension φ3.2 x L250mm
Cable length



Air pump unit S-PU

Pumping sampling gas into Dew Star on measurement.Flow meter integrated.


Order code

S-3 series (for high humidity) *1

Order code Specification
Material of mirror Sensor coating
Rhodium Platinum NO YES

Monitor display S-1M-0 is needed.

Monitor unit for S-1,S-2,S-3 common

Order code Specification
S-1M-0 SI unit



Order code Specification
S-1S-001 Temperature sensor (Pt100Ω 4-wire type)
S-PU pump unit (100VAC 50/60Hz)

Calibration and Repair

After maintenance

SHINYEI provides calibration service traceble to National Metrology Institute of Japan(NMIJ) where standardizes humidity in Japan. SHINYEI also operates all repairs of Dew Star at its own factory with fast lead time.

After maintenance