Humidity sensor, Temperature and Humidity sensor, Dew point hygrometer

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Humidity Sensing

Humidity Sensing

We offer a comprehensive range of humidity sensing products; humidity sensor module, chilled mirror dew point hygrometers, moisture analyzers and humidity generators for the measurement and calibration of relative humidity and dew point parameters.

Humidity Sensing

  • Humidity Sensing
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    Humidity Sensing

    We are the pioneer and the leading manufacturer of resistive type humidity sensors, which are highly reliable and provide accurate humidity measurement by low cost.
    Our sensors have been used for various kinds of application and in a wide range of industries for 30 years and more.

  • Humidity Sensor Unit
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    Humidity Sensing

    SHINYEI humidity and temperature sensor unit consists of a reliable sensor element and a related circuit specially designed for its sensor.
    RHI/RHU series are used in a variety of applications from normal residential use to industrial use.

  • Thermo-hygrometer/Recorder


    SHINYEI thermo-hygrometer and data-logger are widely used in various applications and fields to measure temperature and humidity precisely.
    Multi-point measurement and different types of probes are selectable.

  • Humidity and temparature transmitters

    Humidity and temparature transmitters

    Temperature/ humidity transmitters are used in various applications such as office building with multi-point measurement, factory process line and monitoring the energy consumption, etc.
    The products are selectable from low-cost type, high accuracy type, and multi-point measurement type.

  • Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometers

    Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometers

    Accurate and reliable dew point measurement over an extended range for long periods with our new ACCU-STAR mirror maintenance feature.
    The Dew Star series of the multifunction and high accuracy provides wide applications which are for the calibration standard of humidity, for the humidity management in a clean room and a dry room, for the dew point measurement of the corrosion gas and etc.
    Line up of 3 models to cover wide range of application.

  • TDLAS Moisture Analyzers


    Most unique features of TDLAS moisture analyzer are fast response and corrosive gas measurement.
    It enables precise measurement in the industrial manufacturing process control, fuel cell field and many other research and development field.

  • Humidity Generators

    Humidity Generators

    SRH/SRG are devided flow type accurate humidity generators with test chamber for labo and factory standard.

  • Service


    As well as supplying a wide range of measurement solutions, SHINYEI is committed to providing full support and calibration options throughout the life of the product.
    In addition to the different product categories SHINYEI is also continuously expanding its range of services.
    We have a calibration center in Kyoto, Japan.
    We can also calibrate and certify humidity and temperature sensors.