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Temperature humidity Transmitters

SHINYEI thermo-humidity transmitters are intended for the use of long term and harsh environment.
They are applicable for multi-point measurement with high accuracy and cost-efficiency.
Wide varieties of applications can be achieved to monitor and control the factory, process line and office environment.

Temperature humidity Transmitters

  • Separate type TransmitterTHT-B series


    THT-B series is compact and light-weighted, highly reliable transmitter with separate humidity/ temperature sensor probes. With its high reliability and performance, THT-B series is used in the field of research and development, factory process line and environment test and control. Easy for handling and the output voltage is selectable with switches on the product.

  • Room type TransmitterRHD-J series


    RHD-J series is a room type transmitter of humidity and temperature. This series is intended for the use of office HVAC, environment test laboratory or clean room. Humidity output is selectable from current or voltage, temperature output is selectable from current, voltage, or resistance.

  • THT-S series


    THT-S series is mainly installed for the field of research and development in need of dust proof environment. The output signal is two wire current type and the device can be connected to various types of data-loggers and indicators. The device is selectable from duct mounted type or wall mounted type and interchangeable sensor is also available for repair.

  • THT-V2 series


    THT-V2 series is a type of transmitter which has extended sensor probe from the unit. This device is two wire current output type. With its compact feature, it is best suitable for the build-in application for the industrial device or equipment.