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IAQ Sensing

IAQ Sensing

We offer gas sensors and monitor devices for IAQ sensing. By its unique detection method, each product enables to show the concentration of invisible gases numerically.

Gas sensor

Our gas sensors are used for various applications. Household appliances such as Air Purifiers or Air Conditioners, monitoring devices for O3 or CO2 concentration, gas leak detectors, and so on.

  • Gas sensor

    Gas sensor

    We offer semiconductor and NDIR type gas sensors.Various types of gases can be detected by its original gas sensing technology.

Handheld Odor Meter

It is critical to assess odor in various situation -odor protection, odor control products as well as fragrance products. OMX series indicates "STRENGTH LEVEL" of odor with numeric values.



    For odor measurement in smoking rooms and lavatories, detecting smell of medicines and foods, detecting odor from production process.



    For odor measurement in manufacturing and processing plants, detecting pet smell, measuring kitchen garbage and excrement odor.



    Detecting TVOC which causes sick house syndrome.