Handheld Odor Meter・OMX-SRM・OMX-ADM・OMX-TDM

Shinyei Technology

IAQ Sensing

Handheld Odor Meter


Accurately measure various smell.

  • Easy to Use in Various Situations.

  • Simple and easy to measure odor.

  • Just turn the switch on.

  • Data logging function with large capacity.

  • Data can be stored up to 511 files.

  • Data can be graphically illustrated by Data filing software.

  • This product is not CE marked.

Handheld Odor Meter OMX-SRM


Handheld Odor Meter OMX-SRM is suitable for detecting odor in lavatories, measuring and sensing smell of cigarettes, medicines, foods and odor from production process.

Display odor strength level in numeric values.

High range and Low range function.

Display odor tendency in numeric values.


Handheld Odor Meter OMX-ADM


Evaluation for deodorizing at hospitals or nursing homes etc. For putrid odor such as ammonia.

Display odor strength level in numeric values.


Handheld Odor Meter OMX-TDM


TVOC measurement for monitoring IAQ condition.

Toluene-value Digital Indication.

The value is displayed as toluene concentration value.

Simple setting up in advance.

The sampling is user-friendly and collecting data in real time.

Start in short time.

Measurement starts quickly in 10min.



Detection Method Two Semiconductor Gas Sensors
Sampling Method Continuous Sampling with Built-in Air Pump
Object Gas
  • Ethanol
  • Acetone
  • Hydrogen, etc
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Methyl Mercaptan
  • Ammonia, etc
  • TVOC (Toluene), etc
Odor Strength Level 0.0-999 0-999 0-9999 (µg/m3)
Classification Class 0-90 Odor Intensity 2.5-5.0  
Power 4×AASize Alkaline Batteries or AC Adaptor
*Battery life for continuous measurement is approx. 7 hours.
Memory Capacity Up to 32,732 Data
Memory Partition Up to 511 Files
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C (32-104°F) *No Dew Condensation
Storage Temperature -10 - 50°C (14-122&drgF) *No Dew Condensation
Dimensions W74 X L167.5 X D35mm approx.
Weight 250g approx. (Without Batteries)
  • AC Adaptor
  • 4×AA Size Alkaline Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Air Purifying Unit
  • Activated Carbon
  • Filter, Instruntions manual