AES-1000-05N, Aerosol Monitor, Clean room, Particle sensor

Shinyei Technology

Aerosol (Particle) Sensing

Aerosol (Particle) Monitor


The Aerosol Monitor features on easy-to-read display and Ethernet system capable of monitoring of Particulates at multiple locations.


  • Stable and sensitive detection for Particulates of 0.5μm or larger. Easy-to-read air cleanliness level, equivalent of ISO5 / Class 100 - ISO8 / Class 100,000.

  • Unique air sampling method using "heater" to generate updraft, preventing choked flow. Suction pump is not necessary.

  • Alarm comes on when the air cleanliness level goes beyond the setting, while monitor gives alarm signal output.

  • Ethernet system capable of monitoring at multiple location.

  • Long life laser. 20,000 h.

  • Compact and light, easy installation. Low cost.

  • This product is not CE marked.





Model AES-1000-05N
Display 10 x LED lights shows equivalent of Class 100 to Class 100,000 100(ISO5)-1,000(ISO6)-2,000-3,000-5,000-10,000(ISO7)-20,000-30,000-50,000-100,000(ISO8)
Detection Method Light Scattering
Sensor Shinyei AES1-05N Aerosol Sensor
Min. Detectable Size 0.5µm
Air Sampling Method Updraft airflow generated by built-in heater enables air sampling of approx. 0.26 gal per minutes
Cleanliness Class From level of equiv. of ISO5 / Class 100 to ISO8 / Class 100,000
Alarm Display Alarm LED light comes on when reaching to setting level
Alarm Output TTL open collector output in sync with alarm display
Interface Ethernet x 1 port
Power Supply DC12 V ± 10 % 500 mA
Operating Temp/Humidity 0 °C to 40 °C, 30%RH to 80%RH


Any place where you need simplified cleanliness level monitoring