Particle sensing, PM2.5, pollen, dust

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Particle Sensing

Particle Sensing

Innovative optical sensing technology that applies the light scattering method offers you various particle sensing products.
Our particle sensing products contribute for consumer air purifiers, PM2.5 detection, Japanese cedar and cypress pollen count and other home and industrial applications.

Particle Sensing

  • Particle Sensor Unit

    Particle Sensor Unit

    IAQ (indoor air quality) at a glance! Particle sensor to detect air-bourne particles in a room.
    It is sensitive to dust, particles and cigarette smoke which can trigger many allergic symptoms.

  • Aerosol/Particle Sensor & Moniter

    Aerosol/Particle Sensor & Moniter

    Highly advanced sensor developed for industrial applications such as clean rooms, finishing operations and painting.
    Air-bourne particles as small as 0.5μm can be detected. The monitor has an easy to read display and alarm features along with Ethernet capabilities.

  • Pollen Sensor

    Pollen Sensor

    "Pollinosis" or Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis occurs during specific seasonal periods when plants shed pollen.
    Our sensor can distinguish between Japanese cedar or cypress pollen and dust by comparing scattered light and degree of polarization.

  • Large Particle Sensor

    Large Particle Sensor

    Large Particle Sensor is the sensor for industrial applications to detect particles sized over 10μm.
    This sensor is used in production lines that dislike large particles.

  • PM Sensor

    PM Sensor

    "PM2.5" is known as the fine particle which is one of the cause of asthma or respiratory disease, etc.
    Especially, diesel soot commonly referred to as PM2.5 is suspected to raise the risk of lung cancer.
    Our sensor has high correlation with Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) and achieves low cost and simple installation for multipoint time-series monitoring.